How will you be able to help with the campaign?

The Tulsi Gabbard Platform (TGP) is a new platform that is intended to be the next step for progressive politics.

The platform is built on the principles of the AARP model and is meant to bridge the divide between traditional and social justice politics.

It aims to empower the average American voter by making them more accountable for the decisions they make.

The TGP is also designed to be a platform for progressive candidates.

Gabbards platform is meant for people of all political stripes and we have seen that from her run for President of the United States to her successful run for Congress in 2020.

The first major test of this new platform was the primary season.

As the party’s primary season drew to a close, the TGP began to take shape.

TGP has grown to become the largest progressive platform in the country and is being used as the platform for many progressive candidates across the country.

Geddes campaign was one of the first to utilize the platform and was a pivotal moment in the movement for progressive leadership.

We are excited to welcome Tulsi Geddas to TGP and to serve as the first person to endorse her as the leader of the progressive party in the United State.

Gaffords victory on November 6, 2020 Gabbets win in 2020 was a historic moment for progressive voters and a sign of the times.

The progressive movement is changing and the movement is on the move.

The last four years of progressive politics have seen the progressive movement change in ways that many people do not believe were possible.

In the 2016 presidential race, for example, we saw a resurgence of populism and xenophobia, and a new set of ideas and candidates who would be the first in the history of the country to win a general election.

The Sanders campaign was a watershed moment that brought together the progressive base of the party and the establishment.

It changed the way the Democratic Party was built and allowed progressives to begin building a coalition that would be able win in the 2020 elections.

As our campaign moves forward, we are confident that we will be able do the same.

This is a moment to take a moment and look back and appreciate the strides that have been made and the progress that has been made.

I am excited to work with Gabbes team and to help bring TGP to life and be a key player in the progressive coalition that will take us to the 2020 presidential elections.

I look forward to working with Tulsi in the months and years ahead.

Gail Herrin – Chief of Staff to Tulsi and Chief Strategist for the Sanders Campaign, 2016 Presidential Candidate and Former Senator of New York, 2020 US Presidential Candidate, and Former Chair of the Democratic National Committee, 2020 Chair of Campaign Finance Reform, and 2020 DNC ChairSource: TGP Facebook post by TulsiGabbardPlatform pageGabbets platform is the latest in a series of progressive platform initiatives and actions that have come from her campaign, including her campaign to lead the 2020 Progressive Leadership Council and her advocacy for more transparency in government spending, including the reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act.

Tulsi’s efforts in the 2016 Presidential election helped elect President Bernie Sanders and we look forward be able help build on those gains.

The 2020 election saw the emergence of progressive candidates, including Bernie Sanders, who ran on the platform of building a movement that would challenge corporate greed and rigged politics.

Giffords 2016 victory was a big deal for the progressive community.

Geddans platform has taken on many different facets of progressive governance, from campaign finance reform to a new national movement for racial justice, and many of these progressive initiatives have been developed through collaboration with progressive allies across the political spectrum.

Tulsis vision for the 2020 campaign is one that is built around the progressive agenda, not the politics of corporate greed or the establishment, and she is working hard to build a platform that builds on that agenda.

Tulsies team is also working on a new book that will highlight the progress we’ve made and build on the momentum we have created through our work.

We look forward for the platform to be fully up and running by the end of the year.

As a member of the 2020 progressive leadership council, Gabbetts team is actively working to lead progressive progressive initiatives.

Gidgets first book was published in 2017 and is the product of her work in the trenches as a grassroots organizer in New York.

Giddings book, titled A Progressive Nation, will focus on how to build the progressive coalitions needed to achieve progressive goals and create a more just country.

She has also developed a new fundraising platform to support progressive candidates and their campaigns, as well as a new grassroots network for progressive leaders.

We welcome Tulsis team to join us as we take on a progressive future in 2020 and build a progressive movement.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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