New vans platform is a big step for bedding, but the reality is there are still big gaps in technology

Posted March 04, 2020 07:05:51 New vampans platform for the bedding industry is set to come to the market.

The new platform, which will launch in April, will offer vans beds with a range of designs.

It will be made from both plastic and metal, with vans made from either soft or hard plastics.

It comes as the industry continues to struggle with the challenges posed by climate change and more affordable and sustainable alternatives to standard-issue vans.

The new vans will come in two sizes, the small and medium, with the medium being the standard size and the large being larger.

The platforms will also be available in different colour options.

“This platform is going to be a big change for vans, as the majority of vans are made from plastic,” Mr James said.

“It’s not going to replace all the designs but it will bring some much needed innovation and quality to the industry.”

The platform will come with a host of features, including:”A range of vests for men, women, children, and pets”,”A vans wall and a bed”This is the latest in the evolution of the vans business.

In 2018, vans company Rottie’s opened a new store in Melbourne and is expected to bring a range a new product line, including vans bedding.

The company also said it was working with the Government on a “vans in the house” program.

It has also said its going to introduce a new online platform in the coming months.

New vans to be launched in AprilThe new Vans platform will be launched this month, with more than 40 different designs for vampens beds.

Customers will be able to pick from a range, from a standard-sized mattress to a bigger one.

The Vans site also includes a section for the product information, which includes the “Vans Basics”, a list of features such as a bedding system, a range and more.

Mr James said the platform would be available from April 1, 2020.

Mr James also said he expected the company to make a number of announcements over the next few months, including the introduction of new products and services.

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