Puma launches ‘Puma Platform’ 2019

Puma Platform is launching a new digital media platform that aims to create a platform for athletes, coaches and trainers to share information, collaborate and engage in the community.

The platform will be built by Puma, the Puma brand and its partners.

“Puma is the first platform to truly offer athletes the platform to share their expertise and learn from others,” Puma Chief Operating Officer Mark Linnick said.

The company has partnered with the PGA Tour and the NCAA to help develop and promote the platform.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the world’s leading organizations to create the platform that will enable the world to be more engaged in the sport of golf,” said Linnicks partner, Jeff Schmeling.

The partnership with PGA TOUR is expected to create hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for the companies and the golf community.

“Through the PGE platform, Puma has an opportunity to leverage our global presence and reach to a new level of engagement with the community,” Linnikas partner, John Stumpf, said.

“By combining our unparalleled expertise and technology, we are able to provide a platform that allows players to engage directly with Puma and its coaches, teammates and trainers.

The PGE Platform will enable athletes to learn from one another, coaches, trainers and the PG community on a daily basis.”

The platform is expected launch in the first quarter of 2020.

The announcement comes as PGA tour players and coaches have been calling for Puma to be a part of their sport.

PGA officials are scheduled to announce a slate of tour partners and sponsors for the Pumas platform this week.

Puma is currently focused on its growth as a brand, said Puma CEO, Michael Pichman.

The brand is the most important thing for Pumapower, said Michael Pachman.

“It’s the first brand I’m excited about for the rest of my life.

This is my life’s work and I want to do it well.”

Puma was founded in 2011 by Pichmans wife, Kelly, who worked with Pichmann in PGA, Nike and Adidas.

She is also a member of the PGC Executive Committee and has worked in the United States and Europe for PGA.

Pachmans first venture into the world of sports was in the fashion industry when he founded Puma.

In 2014, he founded an ad agency and apparel company that eventually expanded into Puma apparel.

Pichmen is currently the CEO of the Nike Golf Team.

Pumal has been one of the fastest growing brands in golf.

The majority of its revenues come from golf courses and tournaments, which is why Puma enjoys so much success.

Pura’s new platform will allow Puma players to share and share in the best way possible, said Lick.

Pupas platform will also be able to connect athletes to their own brands.

“The Puma platform will enable Puma athletes to engage with and share their own expertise and knowledge,” Lick said, “and help players to learn more about their own brand, brand-building opportunities, and how the brand can make them better.”

Pumama was founded by Pachmen and his wife Kelly Pichmiller in 2013.

The two have partnered with Nike, Adidas, and PGA to create Puma golf apparel and apparel accessories.

PGMentertainment, PGA Golf and Puma are currently the two largest brands in the world.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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