Stardew Valley’s Stardews is finally ready for launch

In what is a pretty bold move by Stardew Valley developers, the game is now live on Xbox One.

According to a tweet from the developers, Stardew has officially launched on Xbox and it is a great time to be a Stardew fan.

Stardew’s developer is also giving out free gifts and the developer has also given away a pair of socks to every Xbox Live Gold subscriber.

There are some limitations to the free gifts, but the socks are very nice to get.

The free gift includes a pair a of socks and a t-shirt that is designed to look like a pair.

The socks are a red and white striped design with a small square design.

There is also a red bow tie on the side of the t-shirts.

The Xbox Live Silver subscriber gets a turtleneck that is also red and a small black square on the front.

The t-shirt is a blue turtlenecks, which is a reference to the Stardew valley theme.

In the game, Stardawes characters have a variety of outfits and hairstyles.

There’s a red outfit for the female protagonist, and a black outfit for a male protagonist.

The character designs for the male protagonist have a few subtle differences from the female character, and the female characters are dressed more like the male protagonists.

Stardaweres female protagonist in the game has a red, black and white bow tie.

The male protagonist is dressed in a black turtlery outfit.

The female protagonist has a purple bow tie with a black bow.

In addition to the two free gifts that the developer is giving away, there are also two more free DLC packs, which are also exclusive to the Xbox One version of the game.

The first of these packs is called The Journey.

The Journey pack comes with an exclusive t-Shirt, a tuxedo, and an exclusive scarf.

The scarf is also exclusive and comes with a bow tie that is the exact same as the bow tie worn by the male character in Stardew: Garden of Hope.

The second of these DLC packs is the Stardaws Treasure Chest.

The Stardaws treasure chest comes with the same items that the first two DLC packs do.

The items in this pack are available to purchase as DLC.

In total, there is more than a dozen items in the Stardews Treasure Chest, which comes with over 200 different items.

For the most part, the Stardaw’s Treasure Chest packs are very well thought out, and there is no shortage of cool things to do.

Stardaws latest update, Stardews Spring Update, also includes the ability to upgrade items that have already been unlocked and some new items.

The developer has stated that this update will also introduce new types of trees, animals, and new game modes.

If you’re looking to get Stardews latest update for Xbox One, Stardaws Spring Update is a good option.

You can also get Stardews Fall Update for Xbox 360, which includes some more DLC, as well as Stardew and Stardew Adventure.

If Stardew games are your thing, check out Stardew Falls, which will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on January 30th.

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