When will the last of the Tufted Mules be back?

In a new book, CNN’s Matt Lauer explores the history of the first, and most famous, Tufteds.

“A Tuftee is a kind of a hybrid horse.

The horse is a hybrid, the rider is a horse,” Lauer said.

“The horse and rider are like twins.”

Tuftees and the Tufts are the twin breeds that made the U.S. a global center for horses, but they’re also the twins that have left the country.

The last of those Tufts were driven out of the country in the 1970s.

Tufts have been on the decline ever since, and the first breeders to start breeding them back were the French.

“There are some very interesting parallels between the history and the breed in terms of the characteristics of the animal,” said Eric Bieler, professor of animal breeding at the University of Nebraska.

“It’s a hybrid that is a little bit like a cross between a pony and a horse.”

The U.K.’s Royal Veterinary College bred the breed to be able to handle the heat and the harshness of the high altitudes of the Arctic and Antarctic.

It’s the only breed that can travel in the same kind of sled that can handle the punishing Arctic winter.

The Tufts started in the United States with the first Tuft-Aids breeders, who started selling the breed as a toy for children.

Today, there are some 2,000 Tufts in the U, a number that is growing fast.

Many Tufts and Tufts fans believe the breed was once so popular that there are now two distinct types of Tufts: the traditional Tufts with the “pump and go” style of sled, and those that are designed to handle snow, ice, mud and mudslides.

In addition to the popularity of the breed, Tufts also have an impact on the environment, which is why they’re so important in the development of a number of new snow-driving technologies, such as the SnowRacer and the SnowMaster.

Tufts are also a part of the fabric of the American snow industry, thanks to the many companies that sell the snow they make and sell the tools that make them.

For example, the Tufty family is a major producer of SnowMaster snow shovels, which are used to clear snow from highways and highways.

The Tufts family is also involved in the construction of many roads and bridges.

It’s important to remember that Tufts aren’t the only snow-related animal, Bielers said.

There are more than 200 other breeds of animals that are called Tufts, including the American Blackfoot and the Scottish Highland Dog.

Bieler noted that the Tufters also have a lot of influence on the development and regulation of animal-breeding programs in the country, and that the United Kingdom’s Tufts should be considered one of the more progressive breed standards in the world.

One of the things Bielerts biggest challenges is to understand the history behind the Tuftery and Tuftes and to find out how to change the world if the breed goes extinct.

Lauer said that while he has been involved in a number new SnowMaster programs, one of his biggest challenges has been convincing the TuFT community to allow them to continue.

That’s what he plans to do in his new book.

He hopes to educate the public about Tufts.

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