When you’re not on Twitter, you’re tweeting about Donald Trump

In the months before he was elected president, the president-elect used his platform to make a lot of controversial statements and controversies.

But, like many of the country’s most divisive figures, the US president’s tweets were largely drowned out by the daily news and social media traffic.

In an effort to combat the negative impact that the president’s public persona had on his business and political career, Twitter has been trying to fix its system for tracking and reporting what is and isn’t public.

It recently introduced new tools that can track what users are tweeting and what their followers are doing.

But Twitter says these new tools can only be used to flag accounts for removal or to flag controversial content that is threatening, abusive, hateful, or otherwise inappropriate.

While it’s still not possible to determine who is behind every tweet, the company has introduced tools to help users flag controversial posts and videos.

The new tools, called ‘Twitter Alerts’, will now show users what’s being reported to Twitter as a threat or abusive tweet, according to Twitter’s press release.

This is the first time Twitter has offered this feature.

Users will be able to flag posts and content that they believe to be threatening or abusive based on what they have seen or experienced on Twitter.

The tool will also help users to flag specific tweets from a specific account or specific time period.

Users will also be able flag tweets that they find to be abusive, threatening, or threateningly abusive.

Twitter’s announcement comes just months after Twitter introduced its ‘Warning’ system, which allows users to report abusive content to Twitter using a new feature called ‘Report Abuse’.

As of September 30, 2016, Twitter had 1.6 billion tweets, and over a quarter of all tweets sent per month were flagged.

Over the next year, Twitter said it would continue to improve its tools to identify and flag tweets as abusive, but the changes were seen as a response to the backlash to Trump’s presidency.

When you’re on Twitter and you want to report someone as abusive or threatening, you don’t want to have to click on a link.

So now you can go to the report tool, go to this area, click this button, and then click the “Report” link and then you can submit the report to Twitter.

This is really important because Twitter has to be able now to report tweets as potentially abusive or as potentially threatening to get a notification to Twitter and then it has to actually flag the tweet.

This has to happen in real-time and it’s a little bit faster, so that means we have a better way of actually getting to this.

And the new tools will also allow users to use Twitter Alerts to flag tweets from specific accounts or specific times.

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