How to get your children to read: 3 lessons from Google’s Tufted Platform

A couple weeks ago, Google introduced a new program called Tuft-n-Go that aims to teach children the basics of reading and writing.

In its simplest form, the program is essentially a series of interactive games that teaches kids how to read and write using a series in a format that’s similar to how children learn to read.

The games are meant to teach kids the basics by showing them images that they can interact with to get information.

For example, the first game of the program, “Fluffy Fluffy,” asks the child to look at a picture of a fluffy bunny and then click on a “pink bunny.”

After clicking on the pink bunny, the child gets a small pink balloon and then has to read the letter on the balloon, which will then start the game over.

While there are a few differences in the games, the core concept is similar: the goal is to use a series or set of images to teach the child the rules of a series.

Google calls this program TuftNGo.

There’s no question that the programs goal is very similar to the goal of the programs parents and teachers were hoping for when they launched the program: to get kids to read using a format they’re familiar with.

But is this the best way to teach reading?

To answer this question, we went to Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, to find out what kind of results they see when they try to teach a class with Tuftned platforms like Tuftbed.

TuftED, which stands for Transparent Embedded Digital Education, is a program that Google has launched for schools to test children reading using a different technology.

The program has been used by schools in many other countries including New Zealand, Singapore, and Germany.

Google has stated that Tufteds reading content is designed to be as effective as possible, meaning that teachers and parents will need to ensure that they use a different reading format.

The biggest problem with teaching using a standard format is that children don’t have the skills to handle a standard reading format, which can make it hard for them to learn when they’re not in the classroom.

There are a lot of challenges for parents and students who have been exposed to a standard media format, like books, magazines, and videos.

For many children, it’s difficult for them at this stage of learning to understand a book or a video or to understand how to use words in a sentence.

This is particularly true if they have limited vocabulary.

It’s also especially true if the media format isn’t particularly engaging.

For parents who don’t understand how books or videos work or how to handle media, or don’t even know how to start using a media format at all, these challenges can be especially difficult.

The best way for parents to teach using a specific format is to start by having them work with the books and media they already own.

For the most part, this is easy.

Google provides a lot more information about how to get the most out of your childrens media literacy programs, and it’s a good place to start.

The first thing you need to do is create a new classroom setting for your kids.

In many cases, this will be an interactive learning environment, like an iPad or Android tablet, and you can set it up with multiple kids in the room.

The kids will be able to interact with each other using text and voice recognition.

Google also has a lot in store for teachers and students.

After creating a new class setting, you can add teachers, help them create new materials, and even provide them with a test to help them figure out how well your students are reading.

Google even offers a lot to teachers, including an app called Playable Teachers that allows them to test their students in real life, which helps them figure how effective your programs have been at teaching children.

You can also take your children on an interactive video lesson, and then set them up with a real teacher in a different location.

The most important thing to do for the most effective way to help your children read is to be sure that you use a good standard media reader for the materials you give them.

There will be a number of different ways to use your media reader.

Some media readers will be available for use with Google products, others will be preloaded with software like Adobe Reader, others may be installed on your computer, and others may have a built-in library of books, videos, and other media.

To ensure that your children have a great reading experience, you should be prepared to teach them how to navigate through these different media options.

After you’ve designed a new media environment for your children, you need some basic information to make sure that your kids are reading in the right way.

In most cases, it will be easier for a parent to teach by using a computer rather than by reading a book.

It will also be easier to teach your children if they can read

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