What’s new in the world of software, cloud, cloud services?

In this edition of The Hindu, we are joined by the chief technology officer (CTO) of Amazon, and CTO of Google’s cloud services company, Rajiv Kumar.

Rajiv Kumar: Hi.

So, hello, I’m here with you.

The cloud is growing rapidly in India, and the growth of this is great.

We see this as an opportunity for us to provide a service to the country.

The technology is very mature.

There are some very promising trends.

I think the technology is really moving at a really fast pace.

So, we have a lot of opportunities in terms of this new business.

The company is going to go into more and more new areas.

What are some of those areas you think are the key ones?

Kumar: I think one of the areas that we are working on, which is a realisation of the idea of cloud computing, is the cloud is becoming very valuable.

It’s a realising of the cloud that the customers are using.

They are really willing to pay a premium for the cloud computing.

It is a very strong opportunity for our company.

So we are not limited by geography.

We are not confined by region.

We also have our presence in other parts of the world.

And we have done a lot more of business in those areas.

So we have some really big opportunities.

So the big opportunity for me is that our customers will pay more for cloud computing and for the infrastructure that is built around cloud computing as well.

The other area that I think is really interesting is we have started to do a lot in terms on cloud services.

There has been a big push in India and we have been working on it, so we are seeing more and better use cases.

And the business model is going very well.

So it is an exciting time for us.

So this is the business that we want to build.

The rest of the company is doing more work around this, but we are also doing more to expand and innovate on this as well, so I think we are doing great.

So our customers are really very happy with what we are building.

It seems like there is a lot going on with Amazon and Google in India.

And you’re saying that this is something that is going in a different direction.

What does that mean?

I think one thing that I see as a positive is that Amazon is starting to invest in India a lot.

And they have built some great teams, as well as some great technology in India which I think has a lot to do with the cloud.

And so the cloud has really become a really big driver for the company, which has been really important for us as well and will continue to be important.

So Amazon has been building infrastructure for the last 15 years in India so we see this growing rapidly, and we are now going into a new space.

We have the AWS cloud, we also have Google Cloud.

And this is a really interesting area.

So what are the areas you see as the key areas that Amazon will be focused on, and how do you see the business driving that?

I guess what you have to do is look at the market and think about what is happening.

And I think that you need to be a part of the big picture.

And that is why we started building this cloud.

So the cloud needs to be the key driver.

So as a customer you need that.

And as a leader you need this.

So that is really the focus of what Amazon is trying to do.

So I think this is going really well.

And the other thing is that they have some of the best infrastructure in the business.

And when you have that, the opportunity for them to build the infrastructure around the cloud, which they are doing very well in the cloud infrastructure market, will be really important.

So there is really a great opportunity for Amazon and for us here.

So it’s really an exciting place to be.

So Amazon has built a lot over the years in this space and I think they are really taking it to the next level.

And Google is taking it very seriously, too.

It really is a great business opportunity.

And if we could just start with Amazon.

How long do you think you’ve been with Amazon?

Well, I have been with the company for 16 years, so it’s been a very long time.

And my main focus is on delivering on our core business of building cloud services and delivering quality, reliable and scalable services to our customers.

And that has been our core.

So for the past 15 years, we’ve been working with the big companies in India like Google, Microsoft and Amazon to build and deliver cloud services, and to bring those services to Indian customers.

So that is where the work is at the moment.

And then of course the big players in the market like Amazon, which are the ones who are building their own cloud infrastructure, are building very powerful infrastructure around that.

So those are the

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