What’s on the ballot? Party platform

A political party’s platform is the basic framework the party lays out its policies, objectives and hopes for the future.

This is the platform which the party says it will stand for in the coming election.

In this election, the party is aiming to get into government by building on its platform and building a strong relationship with the public.

But what do the policies look like?

The main issues on the Liberal Party’s platform are: a) health; b) the economy; c) women’s issues; d) education; e) indigenous issues; f) environmental issues; g) regional issues; h) Indigenous rights; i) environment and the environment.

The party says its priorities will be: a.) a fairer and stronger Australia; b.) a stronger economy; and c) a better quality of life.

It says it aims to build on its strong relationships with business and the public and to: a. strengthen the economy and ensure it is fair, balanced and balanced for all Australians; b. build a more sustainable and sustainable Australia; c. protect and improve public health and safety; d. strengthen and improve the environment; e. strengthen family life; f. improve the way families can live together and thrive together; and g. increase our quality of education, healthcare and employment opportunities for all.

While it does have some ideas on some of these issues, the Liberal party has not released a manifesto on its policies.

Here are some key things the Liberal platform promises: a ) A fairer, stronger Australia will: b) build a stronger, fairer Australia through: 1) an independent review of the Commonwealth’s taxation, 2) an overhaul of the workplace legislation, and 3) a review of our national environmental laws.

c) the government will ensure all Australians, regardless of income, can enjoy a quality of living that meets their needs and goals.

d) a stronger and fairer economy will: a – build a faireer and stronger economy by: ai) ensuring we are investing in our public and private sectors and investing in job creation; b – ensuring the economic recovery is sustainable; and – c) ensuring the economy continues to grow.

e) ensure the government continues to provide a strong and strong public service and services for the community.

f) ensure we are protecting the environment through a review, and a focus on protecting our waterways, coastal areas and forests.

g) ensure there is a strong economic future for our country.h) we will ensure the economy grows in the long term and continues to benefit the many, including Australians with disabilities, people with disabilities and low-income earners.i) a strong economy will ensure: i) the nation is a fairered and stronger nation; ii) the Australian community is better off economically, socially and environmentally; iii) our country is better able to meet its international obligations.j) a healthier and more prosperous Australia will achieve: a i) we build on our strong relationships and partnerships with the people of Australia and their communities; ii- a stronger economic recovery for all of Australia’s people and businesses; iii- a better, more sustainable economy; iv- a more equal and diverse society; v- we have a shared responsibility to help our neighbours and our communities, and to strengthen our national economy; vi- we ensure that people and communities are able to make choices about their health and wellbeing; and vii- we build a better and stronger community.

There are many other issues on offer.

For example, the platform promises that the Liberal Government will: a) establish a $50 billion national health funding fund to help Australians with pre-existing conditions; b- improve Medicare by: 1.

increasing funding for patients with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, to more than $500,000; and 2.

increasing support for patients who require intensive care and mental health services; c- expand access to mental health and mental illness treatment; d- make improvements to the Medicare Disability Insurance Scheme to ensure more Australians have access to care for their conditions; e- improve the National Disability Insurance Guarantee; and f- ensure we have the resources to pay for essential services and support for people with low income and disability.

If the Liberal leader is elected, will he deliver?

The Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau, has promised to make changes to Medicare and the Medicare Dental Care Benefits Scheme.

He has also promised to increase funding for Medicare by $50 million.

But he has yet to release a budget for the first three years of his mandate.

Trudeau has said he wants to provide $30 billion a year for the next three years, and he is also committed to $30 million in funding for health and welfare for the year 2020.

What is the Liberal position on: a national health fund to provide better health for Australians with chronic diseases and conditions?

On the same day that the Liberals announced that they would set up a $5 billion national fund to cover health and other public

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