When Nike releases its next shoe, we will see black platform sneakers in 2019

By Nick Cafardo February 17, 2019 9:07am ETBlack platform sneakers are coming to the NBA this season, but that doesn’t mean the NBA is ready to let them hit the market.

A spokesperson for Nike told ESPN on Monday that they have yet to finalize their 2019 platform releases.

This is a good thing for all the players, coaches, and fans who are excited about the next generation of sneakers.

“The 2019 NBA season kicks off on March 7 with the debut of the Nike Zoom Boost,” the Nike spokesperson said.

“The NBA has already been working closely with Nike and the Nike Performance Lab to develop the Nike Nike Zoom+ and the next Nike Zoom platform shoe to support this new generation of NBA players.”

In 2019, the NBA will have a new uniform, which will be based on the current black and gold uniform.

This uniform is set to debut during the NBA All-Star Game on Jan. 9, 2020.

The next shoe is expected to be a black platform shoe.

There will be a new Nike shoe in 2019 that will have the Zoom+ shoe on it, the spokesperson said, but the platform shoe will not be an NBA shoe.

“Nike Zoom+ will be available exclusively in 2019, and it will be the most versatile shoe in the NBA with a full range of features that are exclusive to the Nike platform shoe,” the spokesperson added.

Nike is also working on a new sneaker called the Nike Xtreme Trainer.

The Nike Xtra Trainer will be released in 2019.

The first sneaker Nike will release for 2019 is the Nike Air Max.

The sneaker will be made of premium materials and will be called the Air Max Elite.

The Air Max will be launched in March 2019 and will reportedly be available in black and white and navy.

Nike also is working on an all-black shoe, which is also set to be released next year.

The Nike Zoom® is also coming to Nike.

Nike is also releasing the Nike Sport Zoom+, a shoe that features a new design that is more similar to the Zoom Boost.

The sneaker that will be exclusive to Nike Zoom is the Air Zoom® 2.

This shoe is coming in 2019 and it is rumored to be available only in black.

This is not the first time Nike has tried to introduce a black shoe in Nike’s sneaker lineup.

The first black Nike sneaker to come to market was the Nike SB, which came out in 2012.

The SB was released in black, navy, and black-and-white, but it was discontinued in 2014.

The new Nike Zoom shoe will be different than the previous Nike shoe, because the shoe will feature a new black mesh fabric, which Nike is trying to make the most comfortable shoe in basketball.

The company is also testing a black lace upper on the Nike Lunar Zoom shoe.

The upper is made of an innovative new material that is thinner than cotton.

The new material also will help prevent water from dripping into the shoe, but Nike is working with a team to ensure it is water resistant.

Nikes new shoe, the Nike Power Zoom, is also expected to come out this season.

The shoe is supposed to be similar to Nike’s Air Max, but with more comfort, according to the spokesperson.

Nike Power will be in black- and white, navy blue, and grey.

Nate will release three new Nike shoes in 2019: the Nike Lunas, the Nikes Nike Zoom, and the Noves Nike Zoom Zoom.

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