Why the GOP’s healthcare bill is a mess

The GOP healthcare bill passed the House with a vote of 231-208 on Thursday, but now its fate is up to President Donald Trump.

Here’s what you need to know about it. 1.

How it came together Republicans and Democrats alike have accused the president of playing politics with the bill, with Democrats saying they can’t trust him to make a final decision.

They’ve been trying to pressure him to sign it, but Trump has consistently declined to do so.

Now, the White House is scrambling to pass the bill before it is set to go into effect on Nov. 1, when millions of people will be forced to leave their homes to seek care in emergency rooms.


What’s at stake?

If passed, the bill would significantly cut Medicaid, which is the federal-state health program for the poor and disabled.

It would also gut Obamacare’s subsidies for private insurers, while drastically reducing tax credits to help those pay for health insurance.

Republicans have repeatedly claimed that their healthcare bill would allow the program to function.

But the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has said the plan would cause roughly 14 million fewer people to get coverage by 2026, and would leave millions more uninsured.

That’s a big deal for many Americans.

In a CNN interview, House Speaker Paul Ryan said the bill “has a lot of good things, and we will see what the CBO says.”


What it doesn’t do The bill would repeal key elements of the Affordable Care Act, including the mandate that most Americans have health insurance and a requirement that employers provide health coverage to workers.

It also would gut the Medicaid expansion, which helps the poor afford private insurance, and also slash Medicaid payments to states, while allowing insurers to charge those people higher prices.

In the end, Republicans have offered a package that would dramatically reduce the size of the federal Medicaid program, as well as slash subsidies to states.

The CBO found that under the bill that the Senate passed in March, states would lose $7.2 billion in federal funding by 2027, and states would see a 7.2 percent reduction in federal funds.

In contrast, under the House bill, the federal government would see an additional $7 billion in funding, and a 12 percent reduction.


What the CBO said The CBO said the Medicaid cuts would cause an estimated 8 million fewer Americans to have insurance by 2028.

That number would be much smaller than the CBO estimated that states would receive a total of $19.4 billion from 2026 through 2028 under the Senate bill.

That would be $2.6 billion less than what the nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation estimated, and nearly $1 billion less in federal spending.


Why it’s controversial The nonpartisan Congressional Research Service, which analyzes tax proposals, found that the bill is likely to raise taxes on millions of Americans, especially those earning more than $125,000 a year, who are most likely to receive tax credits.

CBO has said that this would be particularly problematic for low- and middle-income families.

But it’s not clear what the Congressional Budget Board’s analysis says about that, or how it would affect people earning less than $75,000.


Why you need a plan The CBO’s analysis said the House’s plan would leave 21 million fewer adults with insurance by 2024, and 19 million fewer children by 2023.

That estimate would be a substantial increase from what the White Senate estimated in April.

The House plan would increase the amount of federal subsidies for insurance by $4,700 a family.

The Senate bill would raise the subsidies by $8,600 a family, but would drop the cost-sharing reduction payments for the state Medicaid program.

The Republican plan would eliminate those payments entirely, and cut them for the federal program.


What you need now The House and Senate bills have two major differences, though the differences are small.

Both bills would cut Medicaid by $880 billion over the next decade, and by an additional roughly $8 billion over 10 years.

Under the Senate’s bill, that would leave 14 million more Americans without health insurance by 2025, while the House would leave 13 million more uninsured by 2029.

The difference in cost is likely what accounts for the difference between the two bills’ overall costs.

Under a House bill that cuts Medicaid by an estimated $827 billion over a decade, the total federal budget would be roughly $1.5 trillion less by 2031.

That includes the $716 billion in tax breaks that would be given to wealthier Americans.


What happens if Trump vetoes the bill?

The CBO report said that if Trump were to veto the House plan, the Senate version would have to go through the same process that Republicans are now using to pass a separate healthcare bill.

The nonpartisan Senate Finance Committee said that, if Trump does sign the Senate healthcare bill, it would have a two-thirds majority in the Senate, meaning that a simple majority of Republicans would have the votes to override a veto.

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