Nike’s ‘Genshin Impact’ platform launches in Japan

The NikeGenshi platform is set to launch in Japan this month, a Japanese company that specializes in wearable technology and fitness tracking, Genshin said Tuesday.

The Genshi app will be available for iPhone, Android, and Microsoft’s Xbox.

Genshins first smartphone, the Genshin Pro, was released in October and was aimed at Japanese users.

The company announced earlier this month that it had sold about 30,000 units of its smartphone, and the first smartphones to feature its tracking technology were launched this month.

Gates, the company’s chief executive, said the Gelsin platform will give users the opportunity to create, track, and share personal data with their friends and followers.

The app, he said, will also be able to be used to track activities that involve both physical activity and online interactions, including those involving games and online services.

Gains from the platform include “an ability to access all aspects of your fitness, from your diet, exercise, sleep, stress levels and more,” Gates said.

Groups of users can be registered for a specific activity and a specific group will be able view a more detailed picture of that activity.

Gentshins main aim is to allow individuals to be able “to see how their friends are doing in terms of fitness,” Gates added.

“So if you are in a group of friends, or even a single person, and they are doing a similar activity, they will see the progress of each other, as well as other people,” he said.

The wearable platform has a large user base, with about 3.5 million users in Japan, according to Gensha.

Genshalis smartphone features the tracking capabilities of its iOS app, while the Android app has more features, including the ability to track workouts.

Gendshins wearable platform uses its proprietary platform called Genshan, which is used by fitness and technology companies.

Gentshans main objective is to “give people the ability not only to track fitness but also to connect with their family, friends, and even their businesses,” Gates noted.

The first Genshiro smartphone was launched in September, with Genshai launching the Gendshina, a smartwatch that combines a smartphone and a fitness tracker.

Gears is a startup based in China that makes wearable technology that connects to the iPhone, which enables users to track calories burned, steps taken, and heart rate.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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