‘Twin Platform Bed’ to debut in 2018 as new way to get around

In 2018, the company unveiled its first wearable platform, the twin platform bed.

The platform allows users to connect a smartphone or tablet to a bed and stream content from that device to a TV, via HDMI.

It is similar to a standard TV remote that connects to a projector and uses the HDMI connection.

This is similar in concept to Apple’s AirPlay, which allows users of iOS to stream music and video from their iPhones to Apple TV.

In a press release, Twin Platform said its platform has been a “huge success” for its users, and that the product has been “thrilling” to work on.

“Twin platforms have become a huge part of the fabric of the modern house and are increasingly important for families who have limited space or space in their home,” the company said in the release.

“They provide flexibility, accessibility, and mobility.”

In 2017, the first Twin Platform bed was released, and the company has been working on another new product, the platform bed in the next few years.

The twin platform beds are “a great alternative to the traditional bed and bath, providing flexibility for people who can’t or don’t want to get out and explore the outdoors,” said Twin platform co-founder and CEO Mike O’Brien.

“The platform is not limited to just indoor spaces.

It’s available in outdoor and indoor environments, so it’s a great solution for people living in small spaces.”

The platform is available for both indoor and outdoor environments.

It features a built-in projector, as well as a “tune-in” button that can be used to connect the device to the TV.

The product will be available in select U.S. cities beginning in March 2018.

The device also comes with a $130 monthly payment plan, but customers can upgrade the device after that for $70 per month.

O’Reilly Media Inc., which owns the Fox affiliate in Canada, is selling the platform in Canada and in select markets in the U.K. and the U: New Twin Platforms: The Twin Platform Bed, an outdoor platform for 2018, is pictured.

This new product from Twin has a built in projector, which can be plugged into an existing TV.

OTA’s Twin Platform is expected to be available for purchase by early 2019.

The company says the Twin Platform will allow users to stream video from a smartphone, tablet or PC to a compatible TV or projector.

“Our platform is designed for people in their own homes who do not have access to an existing system,” O’Donnell said in a statement.

“We believe Twin Platform allows people to connect to their TV, or other devices, anywhere in their homes, and is ideal for families, schools, and communities where they don’t have the space to use an indoor or outdoor system.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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